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Participating towns
  • CLINTON (Dog Search Only)
  • TOWN OF ANSONIA (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF ASHFORD (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF BERLIN (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF BETHANY (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF BETHEL (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF BOZRAH (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF BRANFORD (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF BURLINGTON (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF CANAAN (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF CANTON (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF CHAPLIN (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF COLUMBIA (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF EASTFORD (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF ESSEX (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF GRANBY (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF GRISWOLD (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF GUILFORD (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF HARTLAND (Dog Search Only)
  • TOWN OF HARWINTON (Dog Search Only)
  • TOWN OF LEBANON (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF MANSFIELD (Dog Search Only)
  • TOWN OF MARLBOROUGH (Dog Search Only)
  • TOWN OF MONTVILLE (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF NORTH BRANFORD (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF NORTH CANAAN (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF NORTH HAVEN (Dog Search Only)
  • TOWN OF OXFORD (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF PLYMOUTH (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF POMFRET (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF ROCKY HILL (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF STONINGTON (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF SUFFIELD (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF THOMASTON (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF WESTPORT (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF WILLINGTON (Dog Search Only)
  • TOWN OF WILTON (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF WINCHESTER (Dog search only)
  • TOWN OF WINDSOR LOCKS (Dog search only)
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You can access the new RECORDhub portal at this URL:


Before searching please read the RECORDhub section below to learn which towns have moved to RECORDhub.  While some towns have their Dog search still on the Connecticut Town Clerks Portal, their land records have been moved.


Dog License Search Only Available to Authorized Personnel


Welcome to the
Connecticut Town Clerks Portal 

Town Clerks have office hours…the Connecticut Town Clerks Portal is open 24/7. Here you can get access to indexed information and images for land records and other recorded information maintained by the Town Clerk’s office without traveling to each Town Clerk’s office.

The following towns have images only available in their office:


  • New Canaan



We are excited to let you know that the new portal for searching Connecticut Land Records is officially launched. On the new RECORDhub portal, you will continue to have the ability to search records, and print or download images, index data, and search results. 

The following towns are currently on the RECORDhub Portal and no longer reside on the Connecticut Portal:

  1. Ansonia
  2. Ashford
  3. Avon
  4. Berlin
  5. Bethany
  6. Bethel
  7. Bolton
  8. Bozrah
  9. Branford
  10. Bridgewater - Index Data Only
  11. Burlington
  12. Canaan
  13. Canton
  14. Chaplin
  15. Chester
  16. Clinton 
  17. Columbia - Index Data Only
  18. Deep River
  19. East Granby
  20. East Hampton
  21. Eastford
  22. Ellington
  23. Essex
  24. Farmington
  25. Granby
  26. Griswold
  27. Guilford
  28. Hartland
  29. Harwinton - Index Data Only
  30. Lebanon
  31. Marlborough
  32. Manchester
  33. Mansfield
  34. Montville
  35. Morris
  36. New Hartford
  37. New Milford
  38. Newtown
  39. North Branford
  40. North Canaan
  41. North Haven
  42. Old Lyme
  43. Old Saybrook
  44. Orange
  45. Oxford
  46. Plainville
  47. Plymouth - Index Data Only
  48. Pomfret
  49. Rocky Hill
  50. Simsbury
  51. Somers
  52. Southington
  53. Stafford
  54. Stonington
  55. Suffied
  56. Thomaston
  57. Union
  58. Westport
  59. Willington
  60. Wilton
  61. Winchester
  62. Windsor Locks
  63. Wolcott - Index Data Only

     The following town are currently on the RECORDhub Portal

        1. Nothing scheduled at this time.


As we continue to transition Connecticut land records from the existing Connecticut Town Clerks' portal to the new RECORDhub portal, we want to let you know that additional towns will be moving to the new portal in the next few months.  If you only search these towns listed below, please do not continue to purchase a monthly subscription to the Connecticut Town Clerks' Portal


  2. Please create a RECORDhub account and access records via the new portal for the above towns.
  3. If you access records for several different towns during this transition, you may need to maintain subscriptions on both the old and new portals until all towns are available on the new portal.
  4. PLEASE NOTE: Purchases will be made on the new portal directly via credit card; you will no longer use PayPal.

You can access the new RECORDhub portal at this URL:


The information below is intended for this current Connecticut Town Clerk's Portal site and not for the RECORDhub site.

Since the Clerk's offices are powered by Cott Systems, our unique and powerful integration brings you timely and reliable information, often within minutes of recording. All information found in the portal is linked directly to each Town Clerk’s recording system powered by Cott Systems Inc., including the hosting and management of this portal.

As a subscriber, you get unlimited access to participating towns under one simple subscription plan.

(See Listing of Images Available by Town below)

Available Subscriptions:









Daily (24 Hour Access)

Unlimited Access to Index & Images


$ 1.00 per page

To Remove Watermark and Print/Download

5% Service Fee

When using PayPal

Monthly (30 Days)

Unlimited Access to Index & Images


$ 1.00 per page

To Remove Watermark and Print/Download

5% Service Fee

When using PayPal

Guest Access

Index Search Only – No Images


No Images Available

Not Applicable

 Images Available by Town: Dates represent Starting Dates of Images to Current Date, with exceptions noting specific Ending Dates



Land Records


Trade Names


Liquor Permits


5/21/1885 8/21/1885 11/28/1911    





Milford 8/14/1967        
New Britain 10/7/1958 1/1/1958 1/3/2005 1/1/2015  
New Canaan Images Available in Office        
New Fairfield 10/31/1761 8/29/2004 Images Available in Office 8/29/2004    
Newington 3/21/1985 1/1/1895 9/26/2006 10/17/2011  
Sherman 3/5/1976        
South Windsor 1/1/1845 1/1/1986      
Weston 1/17/1950        



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